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About Disaster Solution

Our dedicated team of experts from various fields is always at your service to protect your business, workplace, industry, educational institution, home, residential complex, agricultural development, soil and water solutions by providing consultancy, making disaster management plans, fire plans and conducting mock drills, demonstrations, safety audit, constitution and training an emergency response team with training program / workshop on DRR & DRM, rescue and relief operation, supply and installation of emergency equipments/devices, conducting HRVA (Hazard Risk Vulnerability Assessment) of your place and providing the best available solution. Join us and strengthen the socio-techno fabric to achieve the goal of a prepared community. ‘We need to manage risks, not only disasters.

16+ Years of Experience


Sunil Sharma

Due to unique geo-climatic and socio-coastline, close to 5,700 km is prone to cyclones and tsunamis, 68 per cent of the cultivable area is vulnerable to drought and hilly areas are at risk from landslides and avalanches. The desert part of the country is affected by droughts every year. Our country is prone to disasters due to various factors both natural and human induced including adverse geo climatic conditions, topographic features, environmental degradation, population growth, urbanization, industrialization, non scientific development practices etc. We are dedicated for sustainable development / prosperity in the country with collective efforts of the community. Join us for making Disaster free India.


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    Inform us for Disaster Preparedness

    Prepariton of DM plan for Corporate / Office / Complex

    Harzard Identification

    Harzard Vulnerability Risk Assessment

    Preparation of Disaster Mangement Plan

    School/ College Safety- SDMP

    Community Disaster Preparedness

    Training of ERT- Emergency Response Team's

    Protection Of Corporate / Bussiness Places

    RVA- Rapid Visual Assessment(Non-tech)

    Hazard Identification And Mitigation Measures

    Organization On The Spot Training Programs

    Conducting Mock Drill As Per Dm Plan

    Safety Audit And Tips For Smooth Functioning

    Recommendation And Installation Of Safety Device's

    Protecting Residence / Complex / Society

    RVA- Rapid Visual Assessment(Non-tech)

    Hazard Identification And Mitigation Measures

    Constitution And Training Of Emergency Response Team

    Retro Fitting Of Old Buildings

    Safety And Fire Audit Of Buildings

    Organizing Mock Drills

    Preparation Of Dm Plans For Residential Complex And Families-

    School / College Safety

    Preparation Of School/college Dm Plan

    Hazard Identification And Preventive Measures

    Conduction Organizing Mock Drills On The Spot Training Program

    HVRA And Technical Recommendation

    Retro Of Fitting Old Buildings

    Installation Of Alarms Systems And Safety Device

    Fire/ Safety Audit For School / College-

    Disaster Prepared Communities-

    Constitution And Trg Of ERT- Emergency Response Team

    Hazard Identification And Mitigation Measures

    Hazard Mapping And Resource Mobilization

    TRG Of First Responders/Task Force

    Safety Devices And Equipment

    Alarming And Communication Systems-

    Sustainable Development -

    Awareness Program On Disaster Preparedness

    Hazard Mitigation Assistance

    Awareness For First Responders

    Organizing Training Program / Work Shop / Seminar-


Our Mission

Our mission is therefore to ensure the community benefit, sector has practical tools for accomplishing those visionary end. We do this work by convening engaging, mobilizing and supporting the sector. to ensure we all have the means to make our world an amazing place.


Our Vision

‘Our vision is for a peaceful, healthy, compassionate and vibrant world.’


Our Values

We cherish our values to serve for peace & prosperity of society, mankind with equality and selflessness.

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